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Monday, September 26, 2005

SPX 2005

Just got back from SPX and thought I'd share a little since I was berated by many people -- including bloggers David and Joanna for not blogging enough lately. It's true...I've been a bad monkey. Rich Stevens of Diesel Sweeties designed the badges this year and made sure to make the VIP badge as obnoxious as possible. Lucky me I got to walk around with its air of video game pomposity around my neck. (Thanks Steve for the totally unexpected perk!)

My trip to Bethesda was a pretty last minute one when my weekend cottage plans fell through. I managed to hitch a ride with my pal Chris Butcher and his ragtag band of comics creators in a mini van and spent 10-ish hours driving south to Maryland. My intent was to enjoy this show, buy a few cool books for myself and get jazzed into doing my own writing again. I remembered how inspiring SPX was last year and hoped that I'd get the same feeling this year. I didn't really have any intention of doing the whole Scholastic thing this time, although the VIP badge had some people asking questions but I kept my answers to the bare minimum. I wanted to be a bit incognito

SPX isn't really a show with a focus on kid-related material anyways, although last year there was a decent component mostly because of Jeff Smith's attendance and the panel on creating kids comics. Although I did do my rounds and spoke with a lot of great kids comic creators that I had already talked to at the other conventions I attended this year including Andy Runton, Aaron Renier and John Gallagher.

Buying highlights
- buying Hope Larson's SALAMANDER DREAM in person, especially with the rounded corners she manually cut herself with her own corner rounding machine
- finally buying Kean Soo's JELLABY -- very excited to read this

Social highlights
- properly congratulating Raina and Dave on their engagement
- hanging out with the gay comics contingent -- especially my good friends Tim and Kyle

And yes, I did come out of the show definitely all hyped up to start my own work. Mission accomplished...


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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:14 AM  

  • ::sigh::

    You came all the way out here but didn't swing by Gemstone Publishing's offices? For shame!


    Oh, and you apparently need the word verification enabled. You're getting comment spam.)

    By Blogger Travis, at 9:50 AM  

  • If Butcher had had room in the van I woulda been there.

    By Anonymous Had-Had Manale, at 12:02 PM  

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    By Blogger Julian Silvain, at 2:16 AM  

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