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Monday, September 26, 2005

SPX 2005

Just got back from SPX and thought I'd share a little since I was berated by many people -- including bloggers David and Joanna for not blogging enough lately. It's true...I've been a bad monkey. Rich Stevens of Diesel Sweeties designed the badges this year and made sure to make the VIP badge as obnoxious as possible. Lucky me I got to walk around with its air of video game pomposity around my neck. (Thanks Steve for the totally unexpected perk!)

My trip to Bethesda was a pretty last minute one when my weekend cottage plans fell through. I managed to hitch a ride with my pal Chris Butcher and his ragtag band of comics creators in a mini van and spent 10-ish hours driving south to Maryland. My intent was to enjoy this show, buy a few cool books for myself and get jazzed into doing my own writing again. I remembered how inspiring SPX was last year and hoped that I'd get the same feeling this year. I didn't really have any intention of doing the whole Scholastic thing this time, although the VIP badge had some people asking questions but I kept my answers to the bare minimum. I wanted to be a bit incognito

SPX isn't really a show with a focus on kid-related material anyways, although last year there was a decent component mostly because of Jeff Smith's attendance and the panel on creating kids comics. Although I did do my rounds and spoke with a lot of great kids comic creators that I had already talked to at the other conventions I attended this year including Andy Runton, Aaron Renier and John Gallagher.

Buying highlights
- buying Hope Larson's SALAMANDER DREAM in person, especially with the rounded corners she manually cut herself with her own corner rounding machine
- finally buying Kean Soo's JELLABY -- very excited to read this

Social highlights
- properly congratulating Raina and Dave on their engagement
- hanging out with the gay comics contingent -- especially my good friends Tim and Kyle

And yes, I did come out of the show definitely all hyped up to start my own work. Mission accomplished...