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Monday, June 06, 2005

Other tidbits

- The amazing FLIGHT anthology has been signed with Ballantine for the next few books as well as republishing the first volume. This will definitely give this great work a huge push in the bookstores. It will be interesting to see how they market the book and who the target audience will be. A lot of the material is definitely kid-friendly but this might be a truly all ages kind of purchase.

- The popular YA title SHADOWMANCER will be published as a comic book series. Not too sure about that artwork though....

- You know you've hit the masses when inspirational, Christian publishers are jumping on the manga bandwagon. I picked up a sampler of SERENITY at BEA. The lead character is a mouthy rebel girl who's constantly getting in trouble with her mother. When she accidently locks herself out of her house she ends up at a church youth group and then decides to stay in it to piss off her mother more. There's a market for everything...


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