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Thursday, June 09, 2005

NYC highlights

4 more days to go and I'm finally getting a hang of the NYC experience, taking the subway, dealing with the oppressive humidity and pushing my way through crowds of people. Loving it!

Some of the highlights of my trip so far:

- sitting in on one of the Graphix planning meetings and finding out about what creators are coming up in the GOOSEBUMPS line of graphic novels as well as just yakking about comics and what creators we'd all love to see part of the line

- sat in on a meeting with an extremely talented creator and his agent who pitched an amazing book for Graphix -- if it's signed it will be an excellent addition to our line

- had many great dinners with co-workers and friends -- the food in NYC is just unbelievable

- went to Century 21 (big clothing store with designer stuff at discounted prices) and bought my first Versace shirt -- I felt just like Nomi Malone

- visited Ground Zero

- wandered the streets of the East Village, Soho, Chelsea and sweated off about 5 lbs in this heat

- visited Forbidden Planet, a very cool comic book store in Manhattan

And now this weekend is MOCCA -- reports and photos to come.


  • Hey Scott!

    I'm glad you're enjoying NYC so much. It was nice meeting you at BEA. I love your blog - keep up the great work!


    By Anonymous Tania del Rio, at 1:03 PM  

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