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Monday, June 13, 2005

Comics don't stop

Back in good ol' Toronto from New York -- and off to see BATMAN BEGINS tonight. The perpetual comics machine continues...

More on MOCCA (with photos) and my NYC adventures soon.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

NYC highlights

4 more days to go and I'm finally getting a hang of the NYC experience, taking the subway, dealing with the oppressive humidity and pushing my way through crowds of people. Loving it!

Some of the highlights of my trip so far:

- sitting in on one of the Graphix planning meetings and finding out about what creators are coming up in the GOOSEBUMPS line of graphic novels as well as just yakking about comics and what creators we'd all love to see part of the line

- sat in on a meeting with an extremely talented creator and his agent who pitched an amazing book for Graphix -- if it's signed it will be an excellent addition to our line

- had many great dinners with co-workers and friends -- the food in NYC is just unbelievable

- went to Century 21 (big clothing store with designer stuff at discounted prices) and bought my first Versace shirt -- I felt just like Nomi Malone

- visited Ground Zero

- wandered the streets of the East Village, Soho, Chelsea and sweated off about 5 lbs in this heat

- visited Forbidden Planet, a very cool comic book store in Manhattan

And now this weekend is MOCCA -- reports and photos to come.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Other tidbits

- The amazing FLIGHT anthology has been signed with Ballantine for the next few books as well as republishing the first volume. This will definitely give this great work a huge push in the bookstores. It will be interesting to see how they market the book and who the target audience will be. A lot of the material is definitely kid-friendly but this might be a truly all ages kind of purchase.

- The popular YA title SHADOWMANCER will be published as a comic book series. Not too sure about that artwork though....

- You know you've hit the masses when inspirational, Christian publishers are jumping on the manga bandwagon. I picked up a sampler of SERENITY at BEA. The lead character is a mouthy rebel girl who's constantly getting in trouble with her mother. When she accidently locks herself out of her house she ends up at a church youth group and then decides to stay in it to piss off her mother more. There's a market for everything...


No Miyazaki at MOMA. Sigh. Tickets were all very much sold out when Raina tried to get them. Ah well. Still having a blast in NYC though. More to come later...

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Just a quick post to let everyone know I'm alive and well in NYC:

- The graphic novel pavillion still hasn't truly become an impressive pavillion yet. In fact, it's just a few half rows with DC Comics as the major booth. Tokyopop and Viz have booths outside of the pavillion, which is quite interesting to say the least.

- I sang kareoke last night with a bunch of YA authors and other fun Scholastic people. Met Holly Black of THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES -- totally fab. The highlight though? Hearing Gordon Korman sing Bohemian Rhapsody. Yeah, that just about sent me spinning...

- Monday going to the premiere of Howl's Moving Castle where apparently Miyazaki is going to speak. I'm screaming inside like a 10 year old girl

More to come later when I'm not rushed at a show internet kiosk.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Best of the Rest at TCAF

Andy Runton, creator of the wonderful kids comic OWLY

Corey Lewis and Bryan Lee O'Malley, creators of the coolest teen comics today, SHARKNIFE and SCOTT PILGRIM

Raina Telgemeier, fabulous artist of the upcoming BABYSITTER'S CLUB and her charming boyfriend Dave Roman of Nickelodeon Magazine and creator of QUICKEN FORBIDDEN

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Cooke and Bone draw superheroes at TCAF

Darwyn Cooke and Jason Bone presented a seminar on how to draw superheroes. It was a fun informal presentation where Cooke asked the audience to shout out names of superheroes performing various activities. Some of these included Mister Fantastic fishing and the Human Torch cooking the fish.

The highlight of the performance was Cooke's transformation of a butt picture into an image of Popeye.

**Sorry for the poor quality of these photos, I'm still getting used to posting images. :-P

Jeff Smith at TCAF

Jeff Smith was Scholastic Canada's guest of honor at TCAF this year and he couldn't have been more pleasant and fun to hang out with the entire weekend.

Jeff did a presentation on the Origins of BONE and talked about the comics that influenced the creation of BONE, the mythology behind the story and how real places and things inspired him to include them in the comic. It was quite the in-depth talk but the audience was mesmerized for the entire time, including the kids.

He spent hours signing books for people, drawing characters in every book and speaking with every person in line to make the signing experience something really wonderful and personal. On both days, the line snaked outside the tent.

Toronto Comics Arts Festival

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I'm currently in the midst of packing for BEA -- leaving at 4:45am tomorrow to get on a plane to NYC. I pretty much loathe packing so what better what to procrastinate than to post all my great photos from last weekend's incredibly successful Toronto Comics Arts Festival. Love this photo here of the three stylin' kids reading comics. I figure it would be a good one to start things off.