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Friday, April 01, 2005

Everybody's linkin' for the weekend

Just a few things to wrap up here...

- 5 pages of FRANKLIN RICHARDS: SON OF A GENIUS featured in each issue of the upcoming Power Pack series can be viewed at the Pulse. Comparisons to Calvin and Hobbes are already flying all over the internet but what I've read, it seems more Dexter's Labratory for me. It reads pretty well -- snappy and features a bit of gross-out humor that boys love but not sure if we've already moved past this theme after the aformentioned Dexter's Lab and Jimmy Neutron.

- Kudos to the LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS creators for taking matters in their own hands with promoting and marketing their book. Two sold out issues (from the publisher, so Direct Market stores are supporting it, which is rare for a non-superhero, kids book) and now a deal with a major Arizona newspaper to serialize a new story to then be collected and given to kids through the Arizona Public Library' literacy program. Newsarama has a 10-page preview of the third issue shipping this month.

- A known Marvel creator who writes adult stories in kids clothing had this to say about the new KRYPTO cartoon:

Okay, I can't believe I was kind of interested in this, but I'm such a buff I had to keep watching when I switched on BBC1 on Saturday morning and saw the first episode of this new cartoon. It's not just bad. It's 80s bad. It's all those bad jokes and utterly forgettable characters with bad puns for names and Krypto is right up there with Scrappy Doo for annoying.

And this isn't the first place I've seen comics fans relentlessly flying off the handle regarding this show. DC's made it pretty clear that KRYPTO is for the 5 to 7 age range -- the character design really works for that audience and refers back to a more classic look reminiscent of Hanna-Barbara shows. Anyways, an interview with the Director of the show can be found at Newsarama.


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