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Thursday, April 14, 2005


The nominations for the 2005 Eisner Awards were released today including the list of contenders to win the BEST PUBLICATION FOR A YOUNGER AUDIENCE. They include:

Amelia Rules!, (Renaissance Press) and Amelia Rules! What Makes You Happy (iBooks) by Jimmy Gownley

I'm pretty sure Jimmy's been nominated before and next to Bone I think Amelia is THE kids comic. I may be biased since I've been a big follower of the book since it was first published years ago but the work speaks for itself. It's fun, accessible, has heart and tackles subject matter that means something to kids without pandering to them.

Owly, by Andy Runton (Top Shelf)

Owly is totally deserving of this nomination as well. Runton came back to comics inspired and it clearly shows in the material. There's just nothing like Owly being published right now.

Courtney Crumrin in the Twilight Kingdom, by Ted Naifeh (Oni)

I still have yet to read one of the Courtney Crumrin books but I hear they're well done. I've heard them called "Neil Gaiman books for kids," which is kind of funny considering that Gaiman writes kids books.

Plastic Man, by Kyle Baker and Scott Morse (DC)

I have loads of adoration for Kyle Baker's work but I find it interesting that this book made it here especially after winning last year. As well, Plastic Man really hasn't been marketed as a kids comic -- I was hoping that when they collected the first 6 issues it would be in an inexpensive digest sized book that could be put in kids sections, but instead DC went with a more sophisticated design and a higher price point. Oh well...

Tommysaurus Rex, by Doug TenNapel (Image)

I haven't had the chance to read this book yet but the interior art looks really appealing but that cover is just ghastly. No parent or kid would pick this book up in a children's section of a bookstore. Apparently Universal's optioned this book and hopefully when the movie is closer to coming out someone will redesign the book.

Other highlights include Jeff Smith nominated in the Best Graphic Album—Reprint category for the massive BONE ONE VOLUME EDITION and Raina Telgemeier nominated in the Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition category who is working on the new BABY-SITTER'S CLUB graphic novel series for Scholastic.


  • As to Plastic Man:
    A few years ago, when I was an Eisner judge, I learned that the judges have an excellent opportunity each year to make industry statements. This year, judges made the statement that Plastic Man might be considered a "younger readers" title. Since individual comics are so hard to pin down genre-wise, this is a good thing. Perhaps DC will take note and package the next trade differently, if only to see if it sells better.

    Kyle, I think, would be a great children's comic creator. In fact, if KING DAVID didn't have the boobies shots, I'd have recommended it to my church's Sunday school teachers.

    BTW, I'd like to throw in my support for Doug's TOMMYSAURUS REX. Great book for 8 year olds and up.

    Jesse McCann
    (Often a Scholastic Books author, currently working on three gross and disgusting FEAR FACTOR books.)

    By Anonymous Jesse McCann, at 9:37 PM  

  • This is the big problem though -- there are no children's books that "might be considered for younger readers." Publishers need to make bold statements that the product they're producing is FOR KIDS. And that doesn't mean that adults can't read it -- Harry Potter is a kids book, it's marketed as a kids book. Sales people don't constantly backpedal and say oh its a kids book...but its for all readers too.

    I agree that Kyle would be a great children's creator. In fact I've spoken to him every year in San Diego about doing more kids work, possibly for Scholastic. But have never heard anything.

    I'll definitely have to pick up TOMMYSAURUS REX to read and review though. Like I said in my post, the art looks very appealing and the story something an 8 year old might actually want to read, but I stand by my opinion that the cover is not effective or inviting at all.

    As for those FEAR FACTOR books, I'll be helping with your royalty cheque when I sell them on Book Clubs this fall. Thanks for your response Jesse.

    By Blogger Scott Robins, at 10:06 PM  

  • The Courtney Crumrin books are among my favorite comics. Read them. Now, Scott. Now.

    By Blogger Kevin Melrose, at 8:01 AM  

  • Agreed on the Crumnin books. Though I'd say they're best for readers ages 10 and up- there's no offensive/sexual content, but the stories themselves are somewhat dark. Though some kids like that :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:49 PM  

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