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Friday, April 01, 2005

Betty & Veronica Spectacular goes tween-y

For a company that is generally seen as conservative and has been absent from the online comic journalism circles for years, Archie Comics has been making some strong marketing decisions of late – first revamping SABRINA and JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS to a manga style and now changing the format of the BETTY AND VERONICA SPECTACULAR comic to "resemble a more fashion-oriented magazine with quizzes, Q&As and fashion spreads" popular with the tween market. Archie Comics is actually reacting to changes in the marketplace and reflecting that in meaningful shifts to their product.

One might argue that Marvel and DC are attempting these kind of grand sweeping marketing choices with the upcoming House of M and Infinite Crisis events. However, Archie Comics' decisions aren't editorial-based. They won't be undone by new creators or editorial regimes a few years down the line. ARCHIE is both maintaining the integrity of their brands (and along with the Betty & Veronica clothing line, slowly building interest in the brand for the upcoming movie) and making the books relevant for the current market. Someone at ARCHIE has really been thinking really hard about this stuff, and it shows.


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