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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Jeff Smith interviewed

Found this great interview with Jeff Smith that covers a lot of ground -- from the beginnings of BONE to the Scholastic deal and the projects he's currently working on. You rarely see Smith covered on the usual suspect comic book journalism websites so it's nice to see such an extensive interview by a children's/YA library specialist -- definitely aimed towards the people who need to know more about BONE to get it out there into kids' hands

I especially like this quote:

I have to say the people at Scholastic "get it;" they did not come to us the way other publishers have and say, "Well, this is an interesting story, and my kid really loves these characters, and why don't we do it right and have an illustration on one page and text on the other?" Scholastic got it. They wanted to do the books as books and treat them as books, which may or may not seem miraculous to you, but I've been talking to comic book people and book people for years now, and the idea of treating a comic book like a book—it's radical. It shouldn't be, because it is literature; you read it from right to left, top to bottom, just like a prose book. Some of the story information is in the pictures, but it's still literature. There is a language and a symbology to it that is its own. From the beginning, Scholastic never wanted to do anything except treat Bone like a book.


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