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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Judy Blume

Remember her? Well, I've decided to go back and read all her works, including the books I read when I was 8, as well as the few new ones she's written since then. I started last night with The One In the Middle Is the Green Kangaroo and Freckle Juice, both slim volumes coming in at around 40-ish pages, geared succinctly to a Grade 2 audience. The one thing i realized re-reading these, especially the latter was that after all these years scenes, dialogue, descriptions and even page layouts (both books use text and black and white line art in various ways) seemed like they had been read just yesterday and still fresh in my memory. This really confirmed how effective kids books can be at create a lasting impression even after so many years. I can't really say I remember any one particular scene from Dickens' Bleak House in any of its 900-ish page length from my first-year university English class. Next up -- the entire Fudge series starting with Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing.


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