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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

School market-appropriate Yu-Gi-oH!

Hopefully there will be no cats with cigarettes being put out in their eyes or girls being kidnapped at gunpoint in this one. I remember reviewing Volume 1 of YU-GI-OH to sell on Scholastic Book Clubs a few years ago and realizing a major problem -- popular anime for kids in North America had been seriously edited from its original manga form. This has made selling the most popular Japanese properties very difficult to sell in a school market setting as translated manga.

But perhaps this will fix everything:
"VIZ, LLC, one of the leading publishers and distributors of manga and anime for North American audiences, has announced the upcoming release of YU-GI-OH! THE MOVIE™ ANI-MANGA. The single 288-page full color graphic novel provides a blow-by-blow summary of the animated theatrical film. Included in the first 100,000 copies will be one of the three Yu-Gi-Oh! Egyptian God Cards, previously unavailable in the U.S. The new Ani-Manga is rated “A” for All Ages and will be on sale nationwide on November 23 retailing for $13.99."

We like that 'A' rating. Time for an email to Viz...


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