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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Oh happy Wednesday

I have in my hands a copy of the first Scholastic volume of BONE: Out From Boneville and it looks absolutely amazing. The cover features a beautiful red foil embossed logo, and the interior colors look just leap off the page. The hardcover edition is even more of a treat with Mark Crilley's map of The Valley as the inside front and back cover pages.

I also had the chance to read the first 29 pages of script and roughs of Chynna Clugston's Scholastic graphic novel QUEEN BEE, which is releasing Fall 2005. The story is off-the-wall and totally fun -- think Mean Girls with psychokinetic powers. It's looking like a great book to follow BONE -- different enough to distinguish it on the shelves but still maintaining that "in-a-kid's-head" sensibility that is so important in making kids graphic novels a major success.


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