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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Dorian's talking about kids comics

Over at Postmodern Barney Dorian has some interesting observations about kids and comics. He works in a comic book shop and sees first hand what kids are buying and more importantly, what parents are letting kids buy. Basically, he says that kids don't really want to read corporate "kiddie" versions of existing superheroes, which I agree with to a certain extent. I'm hoping that Marvel's new POWER PACK series might prove us all wrong.

The most interesting observation he makes is how young girls are coming into comic book shops with their parents looking for appropriate material. Unfortunately the output of titles from DC and Marvel with female leads, except for maybe SPIDER-GIRL, probably wouldn't go over well with the parents. Dorian's right -- kids need general audience friendly books with little continuity except for a core concept that carries over from issue to issue with action and humor. One of the most successful televisions for tween girls in the past few years has been Lizzie McGuire. The show embodies the sitcom format in so much that each episode contains all the information one needs know to enjoy this weeks madcap situation, but by the end everything is back to the status quo. The same can be said for ARCHIE COMICS' line of titles. This is the direction that will lead to Dorian selling tons of books to eager parents and their equally eager little girls.


  • I, too, hope that the new Power Pack series does well! I'm not sure what to expect, but will keep my fingers crossed. The most frustrating part is trying to get the word out to all the old fans.

    the Power Pack(ed) Fan Site

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