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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Devil's Due gets Patrick the Wolf Boy

Newsarama has a press release for Devil's Due's new digest line launching in January 2005. Included in the 4 releases is the previously self-published all-ages comic PATRICK THE WOLF BOY.

From the release:
PATRICK THE WOLFBOY (Writer: Franco Aureliani Artist: Art Baltazar) A hit across the convention circuits, and in development as an animated series, Devil’s Due is happy to have Patrick on board. This D3 collects the following: Patrick the Wolf Boy #1, Patrick the Wolf Boy: Christmas Special, Patrick the Wolf Boy: Valentine’s Special, Patrick the Wolf Boy: Mother's Day Special Summer Special and 25 pages of new Patrick stuff!

Patrick is a young boy who likes to do all the things that young boys do -- go camping, play in the backyard, go to school but -- he's also a werewolf and enjoys chasing squirrels. I've never had the chance to read any of Patrick's adventures but I've spoken with Art many times at conventions and he definitely has a kid-sensibility that is reassuring. The artwork is simple and appealing and the seasonal tie are a marketer/buyer's dream. Patrick seems like it would appeal to fans of such series like The Bailey School Kids and with an animated series in development might be a good title to consider for school market distribution.

Full review to come in January.


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