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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Yup, Ricky Gervais wrote a kids book

Fans of The Office take note - Ricky Gervais has written a kids book. Well, sort of. I'm not entirely sure if it's really a kids book or just a weird esoteric book that will end up at places like Urban Outfitters and boutique stores that carry Paul Frank merchandise. Flanimals is a spotter's guide book of strange, random made-up creatures from Gervais' head, which seems like a pretty scary place after reading the book.

(Blobbulous Boinglubber)
Cowardly wobbler that spends its days avoiding the Grundit. The Puddloflaj looks like a fat useless blob. It actually doesn't have an ounce of fat on it -- it's water retention. In fact it's nearly 100% water, sort of like filling a balloon from a tap. Baby Puddloflaj can be used as water bombs.

See? Told you. The book takes on a real surreal quality if you imagine Gervais' character David Brent of The Office reading it.


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