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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

SPX - The sentimental recap

Wow. What an amazing time. For every person in the past few years who has urged me to go to SPX, I thank you. Never have I been surrounded by such an amazing group of people just oozing with talent. I'm not sure if it has been like this every year but the level of quality and diversity was just so great. SPX is everything that San Diego is not -- social in a genuine, non-pissing contest sort of way and truly community based. No loud booming booths, no costumes, no bullshit. If one comes away from San Diego thinking "I hate comics," SPX will make you think "I really love comics." There is not one person who needs this kind of message every so often, everyone from the guy who makes fun mini-comics for himself to the bigshot editor at one of the major companies to the casual fan. It's important to be reminded that, fan or pro, this is what we love.

Of course for me, it was equally great to see the enthusiasm for and the amount of kid-related material at the show. Talking with newcomers like Jef Czekaj and Andy Runton and of course, Jeff Smith give me hope that comics are moving in the right direction in bringing in a new generation of fans that will love comics as much as we all do.

I'm going to stop there before I really get going -- but all in all, this show was truly an inspiring and amazing experience and I will be making this a definite yearly event. More to come...including my thoughts and recap of the panel on Writing Comics for Young Readers, my personal haul and a few amusing anecdotes.


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