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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

SPX - A round of thanks

- Thanks to Jose Villarubia for being a mentor without even knowing you're doing it. That's the point dahling.

- Thanks to Heidi Macdonald for wearing that fabulous silver jacket and for more future traffic directed to my blog. Hint, hint.

- Thanks to Danielle Corsetto for enjoying my accent so much and giving me good hugs.

- Thanks to Kevin Melrose for saying you liked my voice and urging me to blog more. I intend to.

- Thanks to Tim Fish for sufficiently embarassing me with one simple sketch. "Let's" indeed.

- Thanks to Bryan O'Malley and Hope Larson for being the cutest couple in comics. You guys will be huge.

- Thanks to Craig McKenny for putting up with two drunk fools - Chris and myself.

- Thanks to Jeffery Brown and Sam Hiti for always having something good for me to read at every convention I attend.

- Thanks to Andy Runton and Jef Czekaj for your energy, enthusiasm and talent.

- Thanks to Jeff and Vijaya Smith for being simply good people and for furthering my dreams.

- Thanks to Jason for putting up with our sugar-driven insanity for a 10 hour car ride.

- Thanks to Chris Butcher for being such a great friend and knowing how to coerce me into a 10 hour road trip.

- And lastly, thanks to Kyle Cummings for being one of the most inspiring, fun, amazing guys I've met in a long time.


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