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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Marvel Age expansion

Newsarama has an interview with sales guy David Gabriel and editor Mackenzie Cadenhead on the future expansion of the all-ages Marvel Age line including new titles like Power Pack (damn, someone beat me to the punch!), Spider-Man Tales, Fantastic Four Tales and Spider-Man Team Up.

One promising quote in this interview:
"Erica David and Kitty Fross will be writing Marvel Age Spider-Man Tales. Both are children’s book writers who have worked with Scholastic and Nickelodeon. Their sensibilities fit naturally in the comic book medium and we are learning an invaluable amount about the children’s book market from them."

If Marvel can keep pushing these in mass market venues, there will only be more awareness of the format and, in turn, more acceptance from parents. And while this line isn't necessarily a move towards building that core list of acclaimed children's graphic novels but at least Marvel is committed to continuing the line and pushing this kind of material.


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