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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Bone in color

Newsarama has an interview with the delightful Steve Hamacker, colorist on the new Bone graphic novels from Scholastic.

"The trap with any special effects or in this case colorizing a well known comic book is that you have to overdo it. I like to think that the art is 98% done, and the color is enhancing it for the sake of the story. I want people to read the colorized version and not necessarily notice that its color. Jeff and I are always more concerned with the story than the technical aspect of the coloring. I like doing it that way."

It's easy to be a skeptic for a book like Bone that's all about Jeff's fantastic line work. But, judging from the audience's reactions at both San Diego and SPX, old fans are in for a treat and a new generation of readers will fall in love with this series.


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