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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Zoe preview

My friend Jon Ellis of Popimage sent me a link a couple weeks ago pointing to a new kids graphic novel called Zoe to be published by Mad Yak Press in Summer 2005. Known for publishing an annotated guide to the Invisibles, Mad Yak has quickly carved out a place in the market for themselves as a small publisher with exceptional production values and design. I mean, what indy company starts out publishing full-color, original graphic novel material with spot lamination on their covers. Not very many.

From Mad Yak's site:
With the discovery of a long-lost uncle, young Zoe moves out of an orphanage and into a fantastic lighthouse. But pirate neighbors, supernatural schoolchildren and a miniature dragon pale in comparison to the seemingly criminal machinations of her newfound family. Can Zoe and her friends get to the bottom of a mystery that threatens to end in robot domination of the world?

I was pretty impressed after reading the 13-page preview. This book could really end up being one of those break-out graphic novels for kids. And while the concept of a school with supernatural children has been done before in kids lit, the strength of the preview lies with the extremely appealing art and character design, the sharp pacing and comedic timing and the sense of scope in the artwork--Zoe is truly a little girl and this is emphasized by the sheer size of the objects and adults around her. Definitely looking forward to reading the book in its entirety.


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