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Monday, September 27, 2004

The Very Big Monster Show preview

It looks like everyone's trying their hand at all ages projects. IDW will be publishing a 56-page one shot called The Very Big Monster Show by Steven Niles and Butch Adams. CBR has a preview and a short interview with the writer.

"'The Very Big Monster Show' is about a little kid who discovers the old, classic monsters," said Niles. "They're basically out of work, unemployed and have been run out of town by the new monsters - the bloody, scary, stabbing type of monsters. This kid tries to help them get back on their feet and show them that they're capable of being scary again.

My initial thoughts? Great premise but I think the cover and artwork are a bit too painterly "IDW-style." Black panel borders and a dark pallete detract from the light and very appealing concept.

I'll definitely try to do a full-review after reading it though.


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