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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Newsarama posters think kids are starved for comics

I'm feeling a bit like Graeme doing this. Every few months or so the online comics community screams out loud how kids are the key to saving comics.

"It was fun being with all the kids and seeing their excitement but kinda sad too. I know there is a small collection of stuff available at Target, and Marvel is trying to get stuff out there for kids, but the truth is that kids would buy this stuff up like crazy if they had better access to it -- and if there was more geared toward them."

"[A shelf of comics] is now the most popular with the kids in class, my wife says its usually bare by the end of the day, with kids begging to take them home. I would think Marvel and Dc would do some kind of reading program with schools."

"I wish Impulse and Young Justice hadn't been cancelled! My little sister loves them... Now the Johnny DC comics are too young for her, and the new Teen Titans comic is too old!"

"Again, if these little bastards can buy all those freaking yu-gi-oh cards, they can buy comic books. i always hear that manga is really popular with the kids these days (i feel so old). anyone know what the price is like on the books these kids are buying? are they notably cheaper than the traditional comics we buy?"

" think the real obstacle to kids reading comics, besides the "cool" factor, isn't price, it's accesibility. besides a comic shop, where can kids get comics? some places have the spinner rack, but there needs to be more than that. bookstores aren't the answer. what kid honestly even goes into a bookstore? i know i sure as hell didn't growing up."

A bit like an old, skipping broken-record don't you think? Can we please move away from all of the following message board rants:
- Comics need to be back in grocery stores -- No, comics need to adapt to the book market and piggyback onto the recent successes of the children's book industry and to get parents on board with the format
- Comics have to compete with other forms of entertainment for children -- Yes, but it's just not as dire as everyone seems to make it out to be -- kids are still buying books and I see sales results first hand
- Comics need to be cheaper -- No, comics need to abandon the pamphlet format and provide value at equivalent price points to chapter books that parents buy for their children
- DC and Marvel have ALL the answers -- Sorry, too jaded here
- Comics need to be "cool" -- No, they just need to speak to their intended audience and tell a good story


  • You are spot on sir. We do plenty of business with kids and kids comics at our store by putting them in a high-traffic, high-visibility area and making sure that the closest thing to a capes-and-tights book is PS238. People need to learn that "comics for kids" does not equal "super-hero books in monthly pamphlet formort."

    By Blogger Dorian, at 2:46 AM  

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