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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Adrian Tomine in Toronto

My friend Chris Butcher urged the Toronto comics community to come out to support Harborfront's first graphic novel creator as part of their yearly reading series. As he says in the post linked above, this is a pretty big accomplishment and definitely a step towards a more mass recognition for graphic novels and comics in general.

The crowd: Plentiful, which was a nice surprise -- stylish EMO kids, publishing folk, Chester Brown

The content: Tomine read excerpts from the introduction of his latest book Scrapbook, which is a collection of unused material, sketches, commercial artwork and strips published in other venues. Some of this material was projected onto a screen.

The mood: Tomine was humble, slightly self-deprecating but not too much to be annoying. He was smart to pick humorous strips that received quite a few laughs from the crowd. All-in-all I think he was well received.

And something more to look forward to from Harborfront -- Art Speigelman will be here next month.


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