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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Spider-Man 2: "I'm surprised it took you this long to see it..."

Indeed. A good month and a half later and I finally saw Spider-Man 2 and really enjoyed it, much more than the first one. If you don't want SPOILERS, stop reading. Here, we're not bogged down with an origin story, character introductions, plot setup -- everything is familiar now, which means the audience can really get into the movie right away. Everything about the sequel for me was better -- the story was tighter and elements of the first movie were nicely integrated with the new material, the dialogue had more nuances and details and the action sequences were less in-you-face CGI and more seamless. It was just total fun. The slapsticky Sam Raimi-isms were more apparent in this film and Alfred Molina, who I think is a totally underrated actor (loved him from the first time I saw him in The Imposters) made Doctor Octopus believable and downright scary without being totally cheesy. And thank god whoever made the decision to have Mary Jane find out that Peter is Spider-Man at the end of this film. One more movie of "I don't love you/I love you" would've driven me mad. I get the distinct impression that the 3rd movie, which I believe is being written as a trilogy, will end with Peter and MJ's wedding. Place your bets...


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