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Friday, August 13, 2004

My Library 11

Continuing with the theme of this blog, I thought I'd focus my attention on the best graphic novels for kids. I've listed mostly more recent and contemporary works but this doesn't mean that I don't acknowledge the contributions that cartoonists like Walt Kelly, Charles Schultz, Herge, Osama Tezuka and many more have made to the medium. I've also focused on books I've actually read (except for one) and tried to pick diverse genres, various reading levels and varied demographic appeal.

1. The Complete Bone - the cornerstone of modern kids comics

2. Herobear and the Kid - taps into a lot of core childhood experiences -- the love of an imaginary friend and the excitement of being a hero

3. One Piece - the best boy's manga being published right now -- great off-the-wall humor and pirates!

4. Amelia Rules - I've stood behind this book for a long time -- it's fun and deals with issues like divorce in a non-heavy-handed manner

5. Adventures of Super Diaper Baby - I had to include one Scholastic book in here -- a super powered diaper-wearing baby save the world from a piece of poop -- what kid wouldn't crack up reading this...

6. Leave it to Chance - it may have some occult undertones but so does Harry Potter -- a well crafted story about a girl, her dragon and their mystical adventures

7. Clan Apis - OK, here's the one I haven't read but I know bees and insect behavior is curriculum for the younger grades -- nonfiction comics are definitely an untapped market

8. Jetcat Clubhouse - another creator I wholeheartedly stand behind -- Jay just gets it and his comics have a comedic timing that will leave kids in stitches

9. Ultimate Spider-Man - I had to include one superhero book and with the success of the movie, kids may want to further their Spider-Man experience through reading -- this book takes Spidey's origin story and makes it relevant and fun for a young audience

10. Pinky and Stinky - I love James Kochalka but someone has to tell him that a crow with a gun is just not nice -- this book, about two space exploring pigs, however, is fun and has a great message without the pigs pulling guns out on each other

11. Summer of Love - since Young Adult fiction is becoming more and more of a dominant genre in the bookstore market, I felt I had to have one representative from the graphic novel medium -- a sweet, heartwarming graphic novel about a girl dealing with the various issues of becoming a teenager


  • Nice selection, Scott. Four of them -- THE COMPLETE BONE, HEROBEAR AND KID, AMELIA RULES and LEAVE IT TO CHANCE -- also make my, ahem, unfinished list.

    By Blogger Kevin Melrose, at 4:57 PM  

  • Hi,

    I'm really enjoying your site as a father of three daughters (triplets, 18 months old, so not reading...yet), a pediatrician, and a comics fan. My brother is a fifth grade teacher and, two or three years ago, he found an old comics spinner rack in a school storage room. He took the rack and set up a little reading corner in his classroom. Knowing my love of comics, he asked me for suggestions for comics to put in the rack. I've given him a lot of different titles...Batman and Justice League Adventures, Teen Titans Go!, Ultimate Spider-Man, Power of Shazam, Archie, etc. However, the three most popular titles have been Akiko, Usagi Yojimbo, and Disney duck comics. These are 10 and 11 year old kids. I think that it's interesting that two of the titles are in black and white and none star superheroes. I think that your list is great and will continue to check in from time to time to your site.

    Bill Beechler, MD
    Indianapolis, IN

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:04 PM  

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