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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Mary Jane revisited

So according to this week's column of Lying in the Gutters, Rich reports that MARY JANE is on hiatus after 4 issues. Marvel foray into romance comics for girls lasted -- four issues. Hmm. So I finally pulled out the first issue that I had promised to review months ago (or it seems like months ago) and read it. It's not bad, but compared to SABRINA, which had great art and fun stories, MARY JANE just fell a bit flat for me. The art is totally appealing, but there's really not a lot going on in this issue to really capture the attention of a young girl -- Mary Jane faces the dilemma that she has no date for the Homecoming dance. She considers Harry Osborn but after being thrust in a tagged on battle between Spider-Man and Electro on the last 5 pages of the issue she decides she wants to take Spider-Man to the prom.

Will he wear a tux over his costume or just the mask?

My friend, Chris Butcher wrote on Previews Review that none of the female customers at his store enjoyed the book. I'm not sure how old these customers are but it would be intersting to hear the opinon of an actual 8 to 12 year old girl. In fact, I'll be bringing this comic tomorrow to a co-worker to give her daughter. Review part 2 to come...


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