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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Sabrina Manga

One more post before San Diego...

Yesterday I picked up two issues of the new manga-ified Sabrina the Teenage Witch from my local magazine store in Little Italy. Needless to say the clerk looked at me pretty strangely. I just paid for my two issues and skipped off...

I read through both of them tonight before going to the Scissor Sisters concert (amazing show btw...if you haven't heard of this band, you MUST check them out) and was amazed at how self aware they are. In fact, the first issue even has a little frame narrative at the beginning explaining what manga is and what Sabrina and her friends' lives would be like if they were in a manga-type comic -- a big magical whirlwind and voila...Sabrina's traded in her traditonal blonde locks for a cute manga bob. Not sure what this all means though -- will Archie Comics only run this as long as the "manga fad" stays popular? -- do kids feel the need for an explanation why their comic has suddenly switched art styles? -- do they even care? From the letters printed in the back, everyone seems to like Tania Del Rio's interpretation of the popular teenage witch. I enjoyed them -- straightforward, appealing stories and clean panel layouts, probably two of the most important aspects in teaching kids the language of comics. Curious...if this is successful will Archie follow suit with its other characters.


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