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Sunday, June 06, 2004

BEA story #1

A conversation with me and Douglas Rushkoff (slightly paraphrased because I don't know it word-for-word but you'll get the picture):

Me: Hey cool, your graphic novel is finally out?

DR: Yeah, it's my first one ever.

Me: I'm really into graphic novels here.

DR: Great. What do you do?

Me: I work for Scholastic, the children's publisher in Canada

DR: Oh cool, publishing. Do you know Evan Solomon?

Me: I know OF him. I don't KNOW him.

DR: Oh. Do you know (some other woman's name that I forget)?

Me: Nope. Don't know her either

DR: Well, just so you know this isn't for children.

Me: Oh I know. It's for me. I've read your nonfiction before.

DR: Ok. (signs it For Scott, for YOU. Douglas Rushkoff)

SR: Thanks

DR: Yeah lemme know what you think of it.

SR: Ok.


  • Funny story there, Scott, but this post doesn't really relate to it in any way. See, I wanted to e-mail you this hype-laden message, but, since no e-mail is readily apparent to me, I've decided to post it. Hopefully, some of the kids, kids at heart, etc. in the crowd will find it interesting. (Deep breath) Here goes:


    Even though Perfect Man isn't a comic, it's been getting rave reviews within the comics community.

    The Reviews:

    STAN LEE - "Perfect Man is really terrific...Both the story and the art are sensational. I hope it sells a gazillion copies. Excelsior!"

    ROGER STERN - "If you ever loved superheroes (or wanted to be one), if you ever had a great teacher (or wished that you had), or if you just love good stories with great punchlines, then this is the book for you!"

    JENNIFER CONTINO ('s Pulse) - "I really liked it and think it's something that any comic fan with young people in his or her life should own."

    KURT BUSIEK - "The artwork is charming, the story heartwarming and heartfelt...a perfect collaboration between Troy Wilson and Dean Griffiths."

    (And uber-popular picture book author ROBERT MUNSCH calls it "a wonderful book").

    The Story:

    Perfect Man is the greatest superhero of them all, and Michael Maxwell McAllum is his biggest fan. Michael lives, eats, and breathes Perfect Man. When Perfect Man abruptly retires, Michael has to make a choice - sink into despair, or discover his own life and his own super powers.

    The Format:

    A hardcover picture book for kids. Published by Orca Book Publishers. 32 pages. $16.95US. ISBN 1551432862.

    The Creators:

    Writer Troy Wilson and illustrator Dean Griffiths are longtime comic fans. They both live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. This is their first collaboration.

    The portfolio section of is chock full of mouth-watering Perfect Man artwork. Troy Wilson's website is

    Perfect Man is available through bookstores, through, and, hopefully, through comic shops.

    -Troy Wilson

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