All Ages

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Seth and Chester Brown

I just wanted to comment on an excellent presentation I saw tonight with Seth and Chester Brown. Brown, awkward as he is, still came off as charming and humble as he gave a little bit of history behind his development as a comic book creator (he was rejected by Marvel have to laugh at that considering kind of material he produces) and the process behind his latest book Louis Riel.

Seth, also not entirely comfortable on stage, gave a slide show and talk entitled 14 Stories On Cartooning where he talked about his beginnings as a comic book reader, his love of old New Yorker cartoonists and his fear of being parodied. Each vingette was separated by the ring of a bell he tapped in-between.

The place was packed, and a line of people hoping to get in formed out the door. Definitely a successful evening for these two great cartoonists.