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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

More on Mary Jane

Newsarama has more on the new Mary Jane series here with an interview with the book's artist, the talented Takeshi Miyazawa and some of his character designs for characters like Mary Jane, Harry Osborne, Peter Parker and Flash Thompson.

What's interesting is one of the responses below. A poster known as Blind Assassin takes it upon himself to email Teen People and YM magazines to possibly drum up some interest for Mary Jane and the entire Marvel Age line.

"The article is entitled 'Mary Jane', and is a comic told from the perspective of a young girl. But not just any young girl. You see, Mary Jane Watson, is the girl who grows up to be Spider-Man's wife (in the comics of today).

These stories are going to be told of her as a teen-ager, and her crush on Peter Parker (who we all know as Spider-Man), and her life as a young high school student.

It is a radical departure for Marvel, which normally features, what some would consider, violent male heroes."

Earlier he also mentions: "But, with the MARVEL AGE imprint, their contract with Scholastic to get their characters in schools on book covers..."

Not sure if he's referring to book clubs or not, but let's just say I'm working on it...


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